Deliah – Chapter one – New story.

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Chapter one.

I have always hated last minute shopping. Especially at nine o’clock at night just to get milk. Not only was the milk expensive but I could be doing better things with my time and the milk expires in two days.
Looking around the empty street I noticed things I normally wouldn’t see in the daylight. Like the way the moths fly around the street lamps worshipping it in some way. Or the way a car in another valley can be heard so far away.
It isn’t until I see the blue flashing lights that I realize the car I could hear is a police car roaring down the street and tearing up the gravel.
The police car came to a screeching stop in front of me. ”Stand still” shouted a man on a loud bull horn. “Put down the milk. ”Ordered the bull horn speaker”. I did as he said, my eyes searching for an escape. What would the police want with me?
I can see my escape, across from the street is a set of steps. It leads up to

Graig Road

. I know there is a hill that leads to the mountain top. No one knows that area better than I do.
“Put your hands behind your head and turn around.” Ordered the police officer again. I put my hands on the back of my head, and slowly began to turn around, taking my time. I turn ninety degrees and hear the officer step out of the police car. I am straight in line with the steps now. So I run.
The police officer begins to run after me. Though by the time he does, I have already reached the steps, and am climbing them two at a time.
I didn’t need to worry about there being traffic when crossing the road. In a small village in the valleys, everyone is in bed by now. Either snuggling up with their boyfriends, or tucking their children under the blankets, telling them there is no such things as monsters. How I wish it was so.
At the top of the steps is a pub nicknamed ‘The Bomb’. Its wooden door has partially rotted over the years, and the chipped blue paint didn’t help the place look better either. Although it still appealed to the drug addicts and vigorous drinkers of the village.
The officer is beginning to catch up with me now. His black polished shoes clamping down hard against the floor as he runs after me.
“Get back here!” I hear him scream. Though that is an order I will not follow. I can’t risk being caught. I need to keep a low profile. The floor beneath my boots changed from loose gravel to dirt. I am now entering the mountain top, heading in to the forest.
I began to stumble over the rocky patch but I eventually I reached the clearing. The officer was behind me with a flashlight in hand, screaming for me to surrender.
The clearing! Seeing it, even only barely in the dark, was a sweet relief. I let out a long sigh. I noticed a nearby tree, and crouched down on my hands and knees supporting myself.
I need to focus on my energy. I can feel the electric spark inside of me, growing brighter. I closed my eyes, and spoke in Italian. “Non si vedr, non sar ascoltato, prendere la sua visione, e renderla sfocatura.”
In English it means, ‘I shall not be seen, I shall not be heard, take his vision, and make it a blur.’
I can feel the magic working in my core. Its sweet seductive touch inside me, spreading like a wild fire. I can’t help but exhale at it tenderness.
The officer’s flashlight came in to focus. The light scanning over everything. I can see it coming closer, I suck in my breath.
The white LED light reached where I was crouching, and began to pass over me. “Damn it!” I heard him mutter. Then the light disappeared.
“You can get up now.” A male voice said.
I moved and the glimmer of my magic is gone. The tender touch, the fire spark, dying.
“Who’s there?” I yelled in to the forest. It’s pitch black everywhere, I can only just make out a silhouette leaning against one of the trees. How did I not see him?
He stepped out from the shadows. His silk tanned skin, and jet black hair is one of the first things I notice about him. The second thing I notice is the clothes he is wearing. Black jeans, black shoes, black t-shirt and jacket. Isn’t he cold on this frosty night? I know I am, though I do enjoy it more than others.
“I am here to kill you.” He said, his lips moving up in a mischievous smile.


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