Deliah – Chapter three

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“My house” I had made my way down from the mountain top with Mystery Guy – I still haven’t asked him his name – and am now in my porch, looking at what was once my home.
Everything is destroyed. The curtains and carpet in shreds, the settee has a hole in its centre. The plasma television screen smashed. My drinks cabinet pushed on its front, the glass inside shattered around the room. Flowers I was given only the other day, on the floor, trampled on.
“Wow. Lovely home.” Said Mystery Guy from behind me. Sarcasm clearly being heard in his voice.
“Well it was!” I exploded. “Return what has been moved to its rightful place. Right this wrong with all your grace.” At the sound of my words being said, my will being heard, everything in my house gracefully floated in the air to its rightful place. Just like I wanted. Though everything is still broken. For that I don’t know a spell.
“Allow me.”
I caught a glimpse of Mystery Guy’s good arm moving from the left to the right. As his hand moved and clenched into a fist, he blew open his hand and what seem light little glittering stars floated all around the room.
I can slowly see everything being fixed. The glasses being put back to together like a jigsaw puzzle. The crack in the television screen reducing. The whole in the settee slowly being filled like water rising in a bowl.
Even the flowers are being restored to their natural beauty.
“Thank you.” I say, looking around the room, dazed and amazed. “Sit down. My turn to do something for you.”
He followed my command without any hesitation. “Let me see your arm.” I commanded him again.
Half of his skin had been ripped off, blood gushing out of the wound. “Can you heal yourself?” He shook his head, not saying anything.
I inspect the wound a little more. Clearly a spell needed wound. “Uh…”
“Can’t think of a spell can we?” I shot him a glare, my eyes sending daggers his way.
“Uh…restore something of this mess, no more no less, blood and flesh, uh, heal this wound.” His blood stopped dripping out of his arm, his skin slowly starting to cover up over the wound. Within the few short seconds that have passed, the wound is nothing put a pink line, one that doesn’t seem to be going. I didn’t actually think that spell would work.
Mystery Guy smiled. “That was cool. Don’t worry about the scar.” He said as if sensing my worry. “Thanks.”
“Okay. Now it’s question time.” I clicked my fingers and out in the kitchen, two hot chocolates were being made. I point to the fire, its dim light glowing brighter and brighter. The warmth of the fire spreading throughout the room almost instantly.
“My name is Daniel in case you have been wondering. I’m a half angel and half demon. My mother the demon and my father the angel.“
“What?” I interrupt him. The hot chocolates are ready in the kitchen, I click my fingers as he is about to speak again. The hot chocolate came floating in to the room, and whatever Daniel was about to say must have escaped his mind, because he didn’t say anything.
“Thanks.” He said taking the mug. He seems to really mean the ‘thanks’, which I didn’t really expect. He took a sip of his steaming hot mug. The brown liquid leaving a little stain on the corner of his lip. “Uh, oh, that’s right. Yeah I am a half breed. But…” he leaned in closer to me on the settee, “I see I am not the only one.” His eyebrow is arched, in a way that’s really cute. Though, there is the whole, he was trying to kill me thing overwhelming that emotion at the moment.
“So why haven’t you killed me?” I sip my own mug. “Yuck, that’s too cold.” I say in disgust.
He placed a chubby finger on my mug, it began to bubble and more steam began to come up off of the mug. “Better?” I take another sip, and it’s the perfect temperature. I nod. “Anyway,” he says while pulling back away from me. “I didn’t kill you because I realised something when that dog attacked me. We are both in this.”
“In what?” I ask. He is staring at the fire now, not daring to look in my direction.
“Me and you are an abomination in some peoples’ eyes. Being a half breed I mean. That dog was there to make sure neither of us got out alive tonight.” His voice became grim. Under his eyes are dark shadows, his hand tensing on his mug. “My own mother.” I hear him mutter. I don’t press the matter of what he meant, fear he might turn on me. For now, he is on my side it seems, and I can see how he can be a great asset to me.
After a few minutes of drinking our hot chocolate in stilled silence, Daniel clears his throat with a cough. “You should rest. You used up a lot of magic today.”
“How do you know what magic does to me?” I ask him. Now I really am curious. I place my mug on the floor, and begin to clutch my pillow tighter, hoping maybe I can soak myself up in the fabric, never having to see the light of day again. Though I can’t unfortunately.
“Angel senses.” He says simply. “I think we should leave this town tomorrow morning. Bright and early. Those angel cops are not going to go away all that easy. They are going to keep coming back until they find you.”
‘Unless they think I am already gone.’ I think to myself.
“What if we trick them?” I ask, a mischievous smile slithering along my lips. He cocks his head, waiting for my explanation.

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