Deliah – Chapter two

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Chapter two.

“K-Kill me?” I stutter out. I find myself backing up away from the stranger. Hitting the tree I was recently crouching by only a moment ago.
“Yes, but before I do,” he said, taking several steps toward me. In those few long strides he is nothing but an arm’s length away from me now, and even though it is still dark, I can see him much more clearly. “What are you?”
I need another spell, but what? Oh my God, ‘think!’.
“I sense witch power. Though, I also sense vampire power, so-“My fangs slid over my lips. I can see them sparkling in mystery guys brown eyes. “Vampire I see,”
I hate the word vampire. Always have, and always will and him saying it makes me angry. An angry me, is bad me, which is never a good thing.
I launch myself at him and we both go tumbling to the ground. I roll on to my feet and watch as Mystery guy’s body rolls and then flies. FLIES?!
He’s flying. What is he? “What are you?” I yell in to the air as mystery guy gracefully lands on his feet.
“I shall let you wonder…in Hell.” His eyes are trained on me. Not moving, not blinking. It’s really creepy.
“What* I cough. My throat is burning. The pain scorching in my chest and I try speaking again, but nothing is coming out.
Mystery Guy doesn’t seem to notice. ‘Of course he doesn’t’ I think to myself. ‘He’s doing it’.
“You” I gasp out. But he is unmoved by anything I say. I need to break his concentration.
I begin to walk but end up stumbling to my knees. So I start crawling instead, my hands and knees scraping over fallen leaves and twigs. I can feel something cut my skin, though I don’t bother to look, I need to break his concentration. Besides, the scrape will heal soon enough.
The pain I can feel is agonizing though I keep moving. I grab his hand, but that doesn’t work. “Help me.” I whisper. To do so is distasteful.
Gripping tight on his hand I bite him. As soon as my two sharp teeth sink into his skin, the searing pain stops. Some blood trickles in to my mouth. It tastes both sweet and sickening.
A Strigoi can always tell what sort of creature someone is by the taste of their blood. For example, a humans blood is luxurious. Giving off the right amount of sweetness, the right amount of blandness. Whereas an angels blood is sweet, and holy. A vampire could live off of it, but eventually, all that good energy, flowing through the veins of the Strigoi turns them insane. However, a demons blood, is bitter, sickly, and poisoning. If a Strigoi drinks it then nine times out of ten the vampire will cough up all the blood, leaving the hungry again.
I’m still on my knees when I hear growling. I take a glance behind mystery guy. “He-Hell-“ I can’t help but stutter.
I have fought many creatures in my past. All of which I swore I would never do again. However, a Hell Hound is something different entirely.
Before mystery guy could turn around and look at it, it grabbed hold of the arm I had just bitten in to, its teeth cutting in to his skin. I know my chances are limited just by looking at the way it is chewing off his arm.
So I run, for the second time tonight. ‘Don’t turn around.’ I tell myself. Though I tell myself too late, I cast a fleeting look his way. My legs stop. Watching I feel as if the dog is biting on my arm. Pain searing through my body, I know I have to help.
A spell! I need a spell, maybe a potion? I look around me, but find nothing useful. All I can see is pine needle trees casting shadows over everything. If it wasn’t for the constant rustling, a clear sign of a struggle going on, or the snarling of the Hell Hound, I wouldn’t be able to locate mystery guy and his pet.
Latin words flow to my lips. Clearly something my witch side is acting upon. I know the meaning of them though.
“Hell Hound dog leave this place. Don’t come back, on any day. Never before have I seen such a sight. With power so dark, it’s as black as night. With these words I repel thee back, even with my fright in this midnight black.”
The Hell Hound yelps in pain. Then I can’t hear anything but a slight groan. Taking a cautious step towards the groaning figure I ask “are you okay?”
“Terrific.” I hear him say, only barely, because of him spitting the words through his teeth. “Come on” he got to his feet, “we need to go.”
“You just tried to kill me, why would I go anywhere with you?” I say irritated.
“Because that thing was after the both of us, we need to stick together.”


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