Destiny: Chapter 1

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She sat on the cold, dirty ground in the cemetery, looking up at the stars shining in the dark sky. Her sandy hair fell over her shoulders and stands fell over her pale blue eyes.
She liked the dark, it helped clear her head. She listened to the wind and heard the silent whispers of spirits that were laid to rest in the cemetery.
“Luciana,” she heard one whisper her name. “Luciana, you should not be here.”
She looked around. “Why?” she asked “What’s wrong?”
She heard another spirit speak, “They’re here, they know your here”
“Run” whispered the first spirit. “Run, now!”
She didn’t wait around, so she quickly got up and ran as fast as she could. She didn’t know why she was running or what she was running from but she knew that she had to run.
She heard the loud crackling noise that made her feel sick. It was followed by a screech that made her realise she had to get away.
She didn’t see the shadows building up shape behind her. She could hear her blood rushing in her ears.
Her breathing quickened as she felt warm breath on the back of her neck, making the hairs on the back of her neck raise.
She ran to her house quickly and grabbed her key from her pocket, shoving it into the keyhole and quickly turning it.
She ran into her house and slammed the door locking it behind her. She collapsed against the door and slid to the floor, breathing heavily as tears ran down her cheeks. What was that? And why did it want her?


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