Detached Football Tournament 2011

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October Half Term saw various members of the RCT Detached youth work team arrange and co – ordinate a 5 aside football tournament at the Rhondda Fach sports centre.

There were 2 age categories which were the 11- 13 age bracket and the 14 – 16 age brackets and young people from various locations in RCT came to play in the tournament.
All games were played over a 7 minute time frame with a group stage first then a semi final and final to decide the eventual winners.
After some hard fought games and some twists and turns the finals of both age groups were played out. All young people who had taken part watched with anticipation as they were eager to see who was going to take the crowns in both finals. When all the dust was settled the winners were known and they were for the 11-13 age group were local boys TylorsTown piping Penywaun for the title. The 14-16 age brackets saw even more drama with another Rhondda team Tonypandy beating Llanharry to be champions.
All young people had a great time and all participants were awarded medals for their troubles and the winners of both age groups took home a stylish football boot trophy each to celebrate their victories.
The day was a testament to the hard work that was put in and no doubt as a team we will look to build on this in the future with an even bigger tournament.
Football brings people together and the young people over all engaged well with one another from all the different areas of RCT which is what it is all about.
A big thank you must go out to some members of the 5×60 team who helped with equipment and kits for the event, I think the horn to stop and start matches was a massive part of the day ha ha. Plus Craig Howells of the Menteriath team for referring the event and help staff the event in general. To the members of the Detached team who organised it well done and to those who staffed the even a big thank you!


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