Detached Workers in Tonyrefail

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Detached Youth Workers in Ton!

We are the Detached Youth Workers in Tonyrefail. The one in red (with a matching red nose) is Tracey, and the one in purple (queen of the CSCS card) is Rhian. Some of you might know Zoe, who has moved to the Mountain Ash cluster. You will see us walking the streets three nights per week, offering support to all young people between the ages of 11-25. Support can be anything from running requested activities, such as arts and crafts, to CV forms, job and college application forms, and CSCS cards. Or all of you peeps can simply stop us for a chat and ask us what is going on in Tonbecause if you do not ask, you will not find out!

On occasion we also run activities such as dingles scrambling, pony trekking, paintballing, speedboating and graffiti art work. We have recently completed the workshops for the Summer Urban Festival where young people can come along and learn skills such as Rockschool, DJ-ing (with DJ Dibble), arts and crafts, fashion, and others, where you can show off your skills on the 19th August. We will be there for the fun and mayhemso if you see us give us a wave and say “Hi” (or something longer – we are not fussy!)

We regularly post here on with goings-on in the cluster, so sign up for an account with Wicid so you can do your own postings about the things that are of interest to you! C’mon peeps you know you want to!
WooHoo.let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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