Detached Youth Workers In Porth Cluster

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Hi everyone.

Ryan and Kelly your detached youth workers can be found three evenings a week between 6-9pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We visit Pontygwaith, Wattstown, Ynyshir, Porth, Trealaw, Cymmer, Trebanog and Trehafod throughout the three evenings.

What we do?

Detached youth workers walk the streets around the areas. We’re always up for a chat and you can talk to us about anything, including things going on at home, with friends, interesting stuff going on with you as well as more serious stuff like housing issues, sexual health and education / training, alcohol/drugs We are basically your youth workers that come to you on the streets and not in clubs or centres

We like to change things for the better for you and if we do not know the answer, we will find someone who

It doesn’t always have to be serious though and if any of you young people want to discuss trips and events you would like to participate with over school holidays then come and have a chat.
Or why not contact us through WICID or RCT Detached facebook group that you want a chat and we can arrange to meet you. We chat about everything YOU want to chat about.

Remember we are here to help and support you and also to help make sure that your having a good time so please please please feel free to have a chat with us when we are out and about in your area or contact us online at or and search RCT Detached

See you all soon

Ryan strong and Kelly Lloyd



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