Did you know about ‘Soft opt-out’ Organ Donation?

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A new bill has been debated from December 2012 until Summer 2013 about the Soft opt-out Organ Donation. This means that if you are over the age of 18 then you will be required to be an Organ Donor unless you opt-out. If you are under the age of 18 then it is your parent/guardians choice whether you opt-out or not.
We consulted with 468 Young People of RCT and found that 281 Young People were for the Opt-out Scheme whereas 186 Young People were against it.
Here’s what the Young people said:

• Could be helping family or friends
• Saves money
• People still have a choice
• Saves lives
• Will make a lot of people happy
• More organs will be available
• A large waiting list means more people will be treated

• Conflict of religious belief
• Could slow down funeral process
• Our bodies don’t belong to anyone else
• Don’t like the idea of giving away parts of my body
• Over populating
• More medics needed

Do you want your voices heard and opinions considered? Why not join your Cluster Youth Forum?

Call 01443 744000 and ask for Janice Watkins.

Your information has been passed onto the Welsh Assembly Government where they will consider what you have said. Thank you.

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