Disney Launches New Gaming Site!

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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Do you like games? Fan of Disney? How convenient. Why’s that? Because Disney has just launched a new game website, that’s why!

Disney UK has launched Disney Games: a fun and entertaining games website consisting of over 300 games inspired by the characters, shows, movies and unique content from Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Pixar, Walt Disney Classics and more.

The website is perfect for Disney fans (such as me) and just casual gamers who enjoy spending their time… well… gaming!

The best part, in my opinion, is the fact that they include Disney characters, old and new! If you’re a fan of the classics then you won’t be disappointed. There are loads of games including Mickey, Minnie and their friends. They even have games from the movies such as The Aristocats and Peter Pan. If you’re more of a Disney Channel person, they have games from there, too. Games from the programmes which have recently come to a finish such as Suite Life and Hannah Montana and games from the new Disney Channel Generation such as Shake It Up and A.N.T Farm.

And how can we forget about Disney Pixar? There are plenty of games that include your favourite characters there, too. The Incredibles, Toy Story, Bolt and all other famous Pixar characters can be found, all at the same website where you can join them in all sorts of adventures as you play. Pretty cool, huh?

If you have a little sibling, there are games for them, too, with characters from Disney Junior – the channel for younger Disney fans. Join characters such as Handy Manny and a lot more for fun games suitable for little Mouseketeers!

Having played around on the site for a few hours, I think my favourite game is Robot Lab, where you create your own robot and then fight it against other robots! I also like the Magic Doodle game, where you draw something and then Mickey interacts with the drawing! Though, I think it’s easier to draw with a mouse than a track pad.

If all that isn’t enough for you, fear not! For the website links to other awesome Disney sites such as the famous Club Penguin and Superbia which are both a whole new barrel of fun waiting for you! If you’re always on the go but like gaming whilst travelling, directly on the homepage is the ability to connect straight to Disney’s popular apps and mobile games such as Where’s My Water?, Temple Run: Brave, and Where’s My Perry? through the Apple and Android stores.

There are games on there that suit all sorts of young people, and remember: you’re never too old for Disney! Even if you think you are, you’re not because Walt Disney created Disney for fun for all the family! So, stop acting like you’re too cool for it, log on and have fun!

Happy Gaming!


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