Disney’s A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Disney is the best Christmas Carol film I have seen. 

Starring Jim Carey, it is based on the book by Charles Dickens and is just like the book. 

It is all about Scrooge, who is horrible and no one likes him, his work partner Marley died and he took the coins from his eyes and walked out. Then several Christmases after a ghost of Marley comes back from hell and says that he will be haunted by three ghosts. 

The first ghost is the ghost of Christmas past, this shows scrooge him when he was a child all alone in the school when his friends are out playing. Several years later he is in the same school when his sister comes in and says she has found a house to live in, he then gets rid of the first ghost. 

The second ghost is the ghost of Christmas present this shows what people are saying about him, his work friends wife calls him selfish and his cousin called him a sort of an ass. 

Then the ghost of Christmas future shows what will happen when he dies and nobody goes to his funeral. Then he changes his ways and is nice to every one and sings along with the carol singing.


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