Do You Dare 2013

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‘Do You Dare’ is an annual fundraising challenge which raises money for Ty Hafan, the children’s hospice in Wales. The full day of events has teams of volunteers cycling, running, crawling, canoeing, crossing swamps, shooting a bow and arrow, and much more, all to raise money to fund the hospice and Ty Hafan’s Outreach service.

I attended the event to see first hand what the volunteers do to raise the much needed funds.

I will not sugar coat it, it was freezing. It was 10am on a Saturday morning and it was -1 degrees. Kerry Rees, Team Leader of Outdoor Education and Duke of Edinburgh Development Officer, told me that in the previous March, it had been 22 degrees. Despite the wind, snow and cold, only two people dropped out, out of 200.

Every participant started with a two-mile walk up through the hills of Dare Valley Country Park. However, an hour later, there was still no sign. It seemed the group got a bit lost, ending up doing full five-miles around the whole valley. The volunteers were undeterred. Many of them crossed the finish line and then turned straight back around doing a portion of the course again…utterly crazy!

The teams received a key after each challenge so they could proceed to the next. I watched as one team tackled the climbing wall. They did not manage to make it to the top and halfway the wind was so strong their fingers were numb.

I sympathised, I was pretty much the only one who went without wellies, and a walk from one end of the park to the other had turned my feet into ice boxes.

A team that didn’t quite manage the climbing wall told me: “It’s fun and challenging (very challenging); we want to support a local Welsh charity, and Ty Hafan’s so worthy.”

My highlight of the day was probably watching a team canoeing and losing their oar in the rock bed.

One team from the University of Wales Naval Unit said: “Ty Hafan is our chosen charity, and it’s so worthy. It does some great work. The day is a fun challenge, there’s just so much going on that beats doing a regular marathon or something.”

It was outstanding how quickly people were flying through the challenges but I will say that the cyclists did find the bike trail a tad confusing, some having to redo the track because they took the wrong turn.

Sali Thomas, Head of Events and Fundraising said about the event: “Everyone did amazingly, and we had more participants than ever, and everyone I’ve spoken to seems to have had fun.”

For any more information on Ty Hafan, and how you can get involved, check their monthly calendar!

Image: Ty Hafan

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