Doomsday? Of course not!

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On the 19th and 24th of August 2010 the weeks and months of hard work and anticipation will be put to rest when GCSE, AS and A-Level results are released.
For those having done their A-Levels the result of the 19th of August will determine whether or not they are accepted to University, and with very few University places available, the competition will be tough. So, to all you hopeful students out there, (not that you’ll need it, but all the same) good luck!

For GCSE students the result of the 24th will allow them to return to Sixth Form to complete their AS and A-Levels or go onto College or employment, which as we all know is quite tricky at the moment! Again, good luck to everyone! But, it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get the grades you want or need, there are ways around it and there’s always next time. There’ll be plenty of helplines available for everyone, everywhere during the weeks after the results, so keep an eye out for them! They’ll be all over the radio and BBC websites etc, too!

Hopefully everyone will be celebrating and looking forward to the future, as cheesy as that sounds! But, just like the last couple of years the law embodying police will be out between the 19th and 24th looking out for underage drinkers and they’ll be taking things seriously with ID and, particularly, fake ID. So the general message is, be sensible, which makes perfect sense. Personally I think that society thinks that all teenagers go out and get completely drunk we all know that not everybody does it, but adults will be adults, as ignorant as ever.

Good luck to everybody, let us know how you got on!


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