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Hey, guys. D4Kr4ck3n here, I’m one of many people a part of VG and I’m here doing a Minecraft 1.6.4 server review of the Minecraft server, Dreadcraft.

In my opinion this server is one of the best for Minecraft 1.6.4 and has been up for 5 years now and is still going strong. This server has the towny plugin and it also has lockette – the best for protecting and creating towns or villages within the server. 

The owner’s name is Stacelin and they have a Facebook group, website and a private IP. The IP= smp.dreadcraft.net. Me and VGBish are on this server, if you join look our town up by searching /town Beehill and ask us if you would like to join. If you would, you will be required to earn money and pay the town to help with the upkeep.

To build on the server and join towns you would have to sign up and register to the website here: http://dreadcraft.net/. We are also looking for new players to join and help us expand with our NPC village settlement. We are a trading town; we grow and sell the vast variety of unique foods contained within the game.

Reliability: 9/10. The reliability of the server is really high there is always some staff on and they are all willing to help out the newbies.

Uptime: 10/10. They are the best at server up-time, they go down here and there to add, fix or remove plugins but they’re always back up within 5 minutes.

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