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Alcohol Awareness Week in the UK runs next week from 19 – 25 November and is launched by Alcohol Policy UK, an agency that provides news and analysis in the field of alcohol reduction.

This year it was thought the timing before Lent would be appropriate as the run-up to Christmas would mean alcohol and such festive-fuelled celebrations would be on people’s minds.

You have probably seen the adverts on television,  but do you know the facts around alcohol?

The guidelines say a woman can have 2 – 3 units a day and men can have 3 – 4 units, with two alcohol free days a week
Three million people in England and Wales drink over the guidelines
Alcohol is a depressant
Alcohol is full of sugar, so is high in calories – an alcopop can have more calories than two slices of carrot cake!

You can learn more about units and work out your intake at Drink Aware.

During the year, many events have been aimed at alcohol awareness and reduction. As it stands Britain has the highest rate of binge drinking in Europe, with 33,000 deaths a year from alcohol-related illness.

Manchester Health Board and other agencies held a free conference in May to discuss how local authorities could tackle low-cost alcohol and the legislation around it. The Alcohol Academy held an event in Birmingham to launch a new alcohol strategy.

The initiative even has European links with annual conferences held in Barcelona. 2012 saw the 9th INEBRIA event which discussed brief interventions. From sunny Spain to wintery Wales, Llandrindod Wells in Powys saw the NDSAG event (New Directions In The Study of Alcohol Group).

Britain also has high rates of underage drinking – Drink Aware has also published a downloadable fact sheet for alcohol consumption by under 18-year-olds.

This Christmas, and all year around, please be aware of your alcohol intake. Use the provided links for more information. If you need alcohol support you can find agencies and support on the NHS website.

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