Drop in at Ferndale School

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo peepses!!!!!

This is an update with the drop in held during lunch time at Ferndale school. As you lucky peeps are aware, the Summer Hols are here (Hooooooooooooray!) and schools r out (Hooray! x2), so there is NO drop in (Boooooooooooooooo!!!!!! x23) because schools r out (Hooray!). so, we will be back in our usual room at the usual time in the usual school in September! All young people r welcome. Below is the new in/out door sign Allyn has made so you all know if we are in or not!

me and Allyn will see ya all over the Hols, as we are involved in cluster activities, and we are still out and about on detached work in the evenings on occasion. Don’t forget, any of you can contact us in the meantime for a chat or for info….why not use this site??!
I really need time to get used to this dratted keyboard….so go on…you know you wanna contact us.

Until September for drop in, have a fab hols, peeps!!!!

C ya soon!!!



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