Duke of Edinburgh Participants Are Gold

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RCT Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Gold Residential -August 2015

Eleven young people from across RCThave just completed an exciting 5 days of sporting and other (very active) activitieswith RCT Youth Engagement & Participation Service Duke of Edinburgh’s Awardteam, based at our Outdoor Education Centre in Dare Valley Country Park,Aberdare. 

The wide range of sportingactivities and challenges included Indoor Surfing, Air Trail (High RopeClimbing), Hill walking, Football Golf, Cycling up the Taff Trail, someextraordinary games and sports at the Multi-Sport Street Games Festival inCardiff City FC; Combat Zone Laser Tag, and many other more traditional teamsports in the evenings at camp, which ensured everyone had amazing experiences,had the chance to develop current abilities and also learned new skills. These included washing up!

The indoor surfing was a great experience for youngpeople to learn some simple skills of surfing in a safe and controlledenvironment. Due to the design of the facility young people were able to getback on the boards relatively quickly and restart the surfing process again ifthey were to fall off.

The Foot Golf is a new activity taking over and addinganother dimension to the game of golf whereby young people kick balls into thelarger hole on the course which is adjacent to the normal golf course. Theactivity can be played by anybody and the scorecard element introduces acompetitive side to the game. The game is played within the confides of thegolf course and is a safe environment, as the etiquette of golf sees golfersand foot golfers wait until the whole team have been until teeing off on thesame hole as others. The game was enjoyed by all in the south Wales sun and wasa low cost activity for the service and young people.

Kerry Rees, RCT DofEDevelopment Officer, said:

“I am immensely pleased atthe success of this new RCT opportunity for our Gold Award participants, butthe real success lies with the young people themselves – the 2 girls and 9boys, aged between 15 and 20, previously unacquainted, who participated fullyand got on so well together – they were amazing. Many new friendships were formed,and everyone enjoyed themselves throughout. Their energy levels were incredible!”

All the DofE Goldparticipants involved, completed the Residential Section of their Award. Thegroup also included two of our RCT Gold Ambassadors whose sporting experienceand knowledge was an asset – one of whom is undertaking his Bronze DofE Award,and the other who has now been inspired to enrol for her Gold DofE Award!

A big thank you must go toour YEPS staff team, who worked hard and to their strengths – and enjoyed theexperience as well! The planned programme ran like clockwork, and DofE RCT woulddefinitely like to offer this opportunity again next year.

All participants have beeninvited to write in to Wicid with their comments, so hopefully we will havetheir views here shortly.

For full information on The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award seewww.DofE.org and for info about the DofE inRCT, please contact Kerry Rees on 07786523915 or kerry.v.rees@rctcbc.gov.uk

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