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This past week, brave adventurers and warriors alike have banded together in the great city of Neverwinter to form a brand new Adventurers Guild.
These adventurers have come from far and wide to seek glory, fame, wealth and adventure across the Sword Coast. The Adventurers Guild have tentatively been named The Sword Coast Adventuring Guild.


It didn’t take long for the news of the newly established guild to reach even the farthest edges of the Sword Coast resulting in Kerowyn Hucrele, an important member of a high ranking family, approaching the Guild and requesting its services.

Kerowyn offered a job to the guild requesting that they send a group of adventurers on a rescue mission. Kerowyn’s two children, Talgen Hucrele and Sharwyn Hucrele, were kidnapped whilst on their travels and taken deep into an abandoned, ancient fortress, The Sunless Citadel.

The Guild has since sent out a party of six adventurers to the town of Oakhurst. From the town they gathered much needed supplies and direction in order to start their journey to The Sunless Citadel.

As it turned out, the ancient Citadel has long since been swallowed into the earth after a great ravine opened underneath the citadel hundreds of years ago.

The Great Ravine

Upon reaching the edge of the great ravine, the party found some ancient pillars of a long since ruined building. Upon further investigation, the party discovered a knotted rope tied to one of the pillars that provided an easier descent into the dark ravine. Also upon the pillars, the company found that the pillars had been defaced. There were carvings on the pillars written in Dwarvish, however, after reading the writing upon the pillar, one of the adventurers discovered that the dwarvish writing was in fact goblin! After a lot of time with two adventurers working to translate the graffiti, they discovered that it was, in fact, a keep out sign.

With the warning translated, the group of adventurers decided that it was time to brave the climb and descend into the dark abyss below. However, sensing an opportunity to show of his climbing skills, the Tabaxi Sorcerer attempted to climb down the cliff face without the rope. Unfortunately for the Sorcerer, the climb was more difficult than he anticipated, nearly slipping and falling into the seemingly bottomless chasm, however, thanks to his quick reactions, he grabbed onto the rope and climbed down with the others.

After some 50ft of climbing, the party reached the bottom of the rope, finding themselves on a ledge that sat along the ravine wall, with a steep, rocky staircase leading even further down…

As they descended the steep staircase, The Sunless Citadel came into view.

The Sunless Citadel

The Party had found the ancient fortress. It had sunken through the earth centuries ago and now the moss and plants of the earth had started to reclaim it. It was ruined and even some of the towers looked as if they might fall over at any moment.

As the party descended the stairs they neared a large, old tower. It was seemingly their only way into the massive structure. As the extremely eager Tabaxi skipped across the crumbling masonry that formed a sort of courtyard, he failed to notice a large trapdoor that was lightly obscured by thick dust, foliage and smaller fallen rocks. As soon as he set foot on the old wooden trapdoor, it snapped open, swallowing the cat-like sorcerer. Extremely unsettled by his current predicament the Tabaxi clawed his way out of the dark pit to rejoin his companions at the entrance to the tower.

The interior of the tower was dark, full of dust, rubble and old bones. Also inside were the remains of three goblins. After some investigation, it was determined that they had been slain in battle and that the goblins had nothing of value. However, two doors now lay before the party, one leading to a partially collapsed room and another to a nondescript corridor. After some discussion about the direction they should enter the left door and into the partially collapsed room.

Inside the room, along the one intact wall, stood a large stone door. Carved onto the door was the depiction of a Dragon, the dragons head seemed to jump out of the door and in its mouth sat a mechanical lock.

After the party examined the lock and even trying to figure out who the dragon was to see if there were hidden clues, a loud screech was heard and a Giant Rat sprang out from within the rubble!

Giant Rat

The Giant Rat sprang out of the rubble, landing on the face of the Tabaxi Sorcerer, scratching, clawing and biting at him. In a fit of pure surprise and panic, the sorcerer unleashed a blast of lightning from his hands, frying the giant rat. However, due to the untamed nature of the Tabaxi’s power, he caused a thick layer of fog to fill the room, making it impossible to see anything.

And that is where our Adventurers wait. In a dark, ancient citadel in a crumbling room, hoping that anytime soon, this thick layer of fog will dissipate and allow the party to resume the search for the siblings they came to rescue. What lays ahead of them? What secrets does The Sunless Citadel hold? and will all of the adventurers make it back?

Make sure you return every week to keep up with the Sword Coast Adventurers Guild and bear witness to their glory!

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