Dunn, Dunn, Dunnnn…Results Day!

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So, today is that famous results day; the day many teenagers chew their nails down to the skin, shaking with nerves.

Today, all A-level grades are revealed. It’s that day so many young people try to push to the back of their minds, the day all students try so hard to forget about.
It’s officially a dreaded day in everyone’s school calendar, one that sends everyone’s stress levels through the roof: parents, teachers, students, university lecturers, the lot.

And here’s what I hope is a relatable poem, written by me, myself a bundle of nervousness, with today in mind as I too am receiving my A-level results, today.

Results Day!

The night before,
You can’t sleep anymore,
As you toss and you turn,
You glance at the clock and realise it’s gone four.

You’re never going to get any sleep,
No matter how many times you try to count sheep.
The fear of the unknown is burning inside you,
Your eyes they burn,
as they grow heavier each passing hour.
You have to push through,
Because this time tomorrow, you’ll already know.
You have no power, it’s all out of your control.

So much lies on a list of jumbled up letters,
You don’t want to hear those
“You could have done better’s”

Forcing your eyes shut,
As you fear your mistakes.
Not thinking of the positives,
Just the errors that can’t be replaced.

Now it’s too late,
Nothing can be altered,
Changed or erased.

Your fate lies in an envelope somewhere,
Out of reach.
The terror of results, making you screech.

Somewhere, the postman is idly carrying it,
Whistling contently, as he strolls into school,
Completely unaware of the fearful letter,
In the pockets of his sweater.

You sit there full of wonder,
Completely aware of the undeniable pressure you’re under.
You’d much rather listen to the sound of thunder,
Than a quiet silence,
Filled to the brim with self doubt and fear.
The moment is endless.

All eyes are on you,
When you open that envelope,
Your hands shaking,
You don’t know what to think.
Your nervousness just grew,
The pressure is on you.

The letters on the paper,
Are set in black ink,
The alphabet is jumbled,
You forget how to blink.

The letters blur,
Not making much sense,
You read over them a few times.
The atmosphere is tense.

You stare up from the paper,
To meet a gaze, so familiar,
“So how did you do?”
They ask.

I hope other students find something relatable within this poem, whether they’re getting their results today, or next week, or even if they’ve already received them. I’m sure all students can relate to the results day anxiety. I think it’s important for them to know they aren’t alone, in fear, on the worst day of the year.

Good luck to anyone, getting their results in the next few weeks.

Although, I must admit I always feel that whenever people offer me luck before I get my results, it’s a bit belated, because whatever grades have been decided have already been set and stated, and there’s no way even ‘luck’ could change that.

What will be, will be.

But however, I wish you luck, or maybe better suited, in the words of Effy Trinket: ‘May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour’.

Remember, either way there’s always a way forward.

Today, is not forever.

*Editor’s Note: If you, or someone you know, is struggling with exam results anxiety you can contact ChildLine.*

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