Duw Duw, It’s Dewi’s Day

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Happy St Dewi’s Day Everyone!
For this month, the Wicid.tv Editorial Team have chosen the theme ‘Welshness’.

As it’s St David’s Day we invite you, all the young people of RCT to write about anything which is ‘Welsh’ to you.
It could be about Welsh Rugby, your favourite welsh Celebrities, What it’s like to be welsh, Your area, maybe an Interview with your parents or your grandparents if you’re a bit of a reporter. Anything you like.

Your piece can be a creative story, an article, a poem a review. Anything. As long as it’s related to our theme of the month. Maybe you’ve already written something you’d like us all to see?
Apart from the joy you’ll get of being creative, the best piece of writing will actually win a prize. Cinema Passes for you and a friend to go to a movie of your choice, along with refreshments.

Now if you weren’t tempted before, you must be now.
Duw Duw isn’t Dewi’s Day Wicid!

We’re putting together a map showing where St David’s Day events are happening across Wales and we need your help. Is your town or village holding an event? Are you doing something special? Let us know what you’re doing in Wales and beyond to celebrate our national day.


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