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Hey guys!

Its us again, just popped on to say thanks to anybody who has paid attention to us and liked our facebook page!
To anybody who hasn’t – PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you join us, you would be entering an active community where you can share doctor who related:

~ Stories
~ Fan-based video
~ Poems
~ Songs
~ Pictures

or you see what we provide you with, which is:

~ Pictures
~ Youtube Videos
~ Quizzes
~ Competitions
~ Quotes
~ Voluntary jobs
~ and much much more.

We currently have 961 fans, can we get to 1000 by our 2nd Birthday (Which a celebration will be made) which is 15th August?

Its up to you to join, Share, and advertise us!

Any questions please email it to the suitable people below.

dwia.head@gmail.com – Liam Richards
dwia.deputyhead@gmail.com – John Brewer
dwia.secetary@gmail.com – Scott Lewis
dwia.deputysecetary@gmail.com – Colin Kazunas

To visit our facebook page please click here
To visit our website please click here

Can’t wait for you to sign up!!!! 😀

The DWIA Committee


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