E-cigarettes Among Young People Aged 13-18

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ASH Wales and The Filter are conducting a brief survey of awareness and usage of e-cigarettes among young people aged 13-18. The e-cigarette market is growing rapidly and currently has no advertising restrictions or even age restrictions on sales. We are asked about them frequently, and we need your support to inform our position on e-cigarettes and young people.

If you work with young people in this age group, you can assist us by encouraging them to fill out the survey on-line or even incorporating it into one of your sessions. It will only take a few minutes and will really help us to develop a better understanding of whether and how young people are using e-cigarettes and where they heard about them – or if they haven’t heard of them before.

The survey is available here:


We would recommend not doing this survey with under-13’s, unless you feel there is a particular need to do so with your group.

Closing date for the survey is 27th December 2013.

Due to the nature of this survey, we will not be sending out hard copies.

Thank you for helping us to tackle this increasingly important issue!

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