E3 quadbiking once again!!!!

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Once again we at Ferndale are supporting the fabulous E3 programme by staffing the quadbiking activity on Thursdays at Ferndale Community School between 3-6pm at Taff Valley. This is NOT an accredited course like the one last year, so the young people go and have heaps of fun on the bikes. This does not mean that the young people do whatever they like, as both Detached, Hopkin and his staff are very up with health and safety. I just wish Collin would stop mentioning the time I kind of, um, ran in to a wall with a quad, right after I yelled that I was getting the hang of it. Sigh.
Anyway, we have 14 places per week, with preference given to the young people who have NOT previously attended, since those who have attended have had an opportunity to try out this rather fun activity. It is also on a first come first served basis, and everyone MUST have submitted a consent form to Lisa, signed and dated by the parents/Guardians beforehand.
So, if any of you fancy a go at this sport, go and have a chat to Lisa to get a consent form by Thursday

See ya at Taff Valley!!!!



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