Eastenders – Who Killed Lucy Beale?

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In arguably the mostpopular TV soap, Eastenders has an on-going storyline – which involves nearly allthe cast – and it’s getting deeper and deeper emotionally as the episodes go on.With the funeral coming up, I thought I would give my opinion on the main threesuspects who could be the murderer of Lucy Beale.

  • Lauren Branning – Lauren is one of the biggest suspects when you actually sit down and think about it. Her dad was sleeping around with her best mate who is a lot younger than him. She was also in a business partnership with Lucy which seemed to being going excellent, so could Lauren have wanted it all for herself? Also, why did she act so quickly to get Jake arrested?
  • Max Branning – As I previously said, Max had been sleeping around with Lucy and when she had started denying him did he feel like she was going to grass on him and tell everyone what had been going on? Did he do it because he didn’t want his daughter finding out since it was her best friend?
  • Peter Beale – Now, this may come as a shock to most of you but allow me to explain before you put me in a spaceship and send me off to Planet Loopy. If you remember, Ian had told Lucy that she was his favourite and that she made him more proud of his children than the others and then Peter walked in hearing it all. Did this give Peter the incentive to go and kill Lucy so he could be his dad’s number one? Why does he keep pushing Ian to open the restraint up and move on so quickly? Or could he not carry the coffin because he was hiding something? This one, though, could be excused, as losing a sibling – let alone your twin – can be very difficult.

Although, these arejust my personal opinions and what I think characters’ incentives are behind theirreason to be the killer. Has the killer been caught already, Jake? Could thekiller have fled the square without anyone knowing it was them? Or maybe thekiller is yet to show their face and feature as a new character? Rumour is, when the killer is revealed, that Eastenders will enter a whole new era.

Dum, dum, dum!

Let us know yourcomments and opinions below.

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