Education: It’s what you make of it

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If you have clicked this article then I thank you. Some, if not most people, would probably be put off with the title of this article and would probably think ‘Uch. School, BORING!’
I will try to make it as nice as I can but, it’s about an experience(s) that I’ve been through and am still going through.
Most education articles are about exams. So is this one. But not all of it, so please read on…

As a child, school to me was just a fun place to hang around with friends and lesson time was more like a quiz time. I didn’t realise how important learning actually was then.
When I had to move to comprehensive school, it hit me hard. A new school with people that you’ve never met before running around and chatting. It was big. It wasn’t what I was expecting.
In lessons, it was all serious ‘buckling down’ and learning. You were to be quiet when the teacher was talking and the atmosphere was just terrible. And as you get through this, you learn that it’s not all fun and games, life. If you want to get somewhere, you have to work. Work HARD!

So as the year went by and Year 7 finished, ( year 8 was the same) – I ‘buckled down’. But only in the lessons I was interested in.
Classes like French weren’t my cup of tea, so I didn’t pay much attention and it seemed that the teacher hated me.

I can’t see why French is important anyway, I don’t know anyone who has to use it in life and I don’t think that I will be going anywhere where I have to speak French. Even France. If I have to go there some time, it would be where all tourists go; where they speak English.

Then year 9 came and it was getting even more serious. We had a talking to. That year we were going to pick what subjects we wanted to study in year 10 and 11 and they’d also be the subjects in which we’d have our GCSE exams..
I thought, well, let’s pick the subjects that I want to study, and leave the rubbish ones out, so I picked History, Geography, CiDA (Basically an I.C.T course) and Music.
Never have I made such a failure at decision making. This year I’ll be doing all the exams and I’m not looking forward to it one bit. I regret taking three out of the four subjects above, and I also have compulsory subjects. So, if any of you are interested and still reading, here’s what I’m studying right now:

Religious Studies
Welsh Baccalaureate

It probably looks quite similar to what you’re studying, seeming as you probably live in Wales, too, and all the compulsory subjects are the same in every school.
Anyway, where were we, Year 10 then started and it was unbelievably serious times. All classes were given briefs in what you had to do now and, basically, they were all trying to say in a polite way ‘Study, or you’re gonna be a failure and it’s your own fault.’

This didn’t scare me. You see on the news all the time people being happy because they passed, so I never saw any reason why I should work hard to do the same, it doesn’t say the people on the news do, so why should I?
Looking back at it now, if there was a double of me, so me at that time and me now, I would punch the younger Liam in the face.
Not saying that I failed any, I actually had C’s in all my papers and one D…

Stupid Hitler’s Germany paper…

But all these papers were foundation, I don’t like the thought of doing foundation if I’m being honest, so when my results got back and I had all C’s and others were getting A’s and B’s, it felt quite nasty.

So what do you think is happening this year? I’m asking to be put in higher for most, if not all, of my exams.
What ever the teacher is explaining in class now, goes directly into my book.

I enter the classroom, get my book open and put into note form, what the teacher is explaining.
This way, when I’m revising at home I have plenty of information that I can look at to try and get the A’s and B’s. I’m revising at home the worst subjects – like Welsh. I can hardly speak Welsh, but I have 9/10 months until the exams, so my thought is – ‘Study now, don’t regret it in 10 months’ time.’

So, every night for about 30 minutes (because it’s the start and haven’t had much work yet) I keep going over the sheet I’ve been given to look over. I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s working!

So there’s my experiences, Maybe in 10 months time, I’ll be able to write a new article and explain how much of what I’m doing has benefited me.

The basic moral of this article is: ‘Start taking note of what you’re being taught, no matter what age you are, because it IS needed!’

If anyone has any other ways of getting better grades, please, please comment them below!

Thank you.

P.S – For anyone disagreeing with this article, here’s something that you can probably agree with me on:

School dinners are disgusting.
School starts too early.
It’s boring.

Now everyone is pleased.


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