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I have recently been to the Urdd Eisteddfod In Swansea, Gorseinon. I was in a brass band playing tuba with a couple more of my friends who were in the band as well. There was very good competition there as there were nine bands In total. At the end our band was placed third, we played quite well but we think that we were robbed of second place a bit because we are a brass band, and we couldn’t really compete with the two bands above us because they were jazz bands, and to be honest they played well but the band that was placed in second place didn’t play that well, and in my opinion the band in first shouldn’t have won the contest but our conductor thought that the judges were a bit biased towards the jazz groups because there were too many individual soloists for their bands, and with a brass band you cant really have soloists because if you did you would have to have everyone in the band doing a solo because then it wouldn’t be fair to express just one persons talent when there could be other talent in the band and that person would feel left out and disappointed that they couldn’t play a solo and express they’re talent.

Tell us about any competitions you competed in at the Eisteddfod and how you felt in the comments area below.


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