Eisteddfod 2012: Day One, Blog One

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Early mornings are usually a nightmare for me, but not today. Why’s that? Well, if you haven’t guessed the obvious from the title (it’s a big clue), I went to the Eisteddfod with CLIC!

I met with Snow.. and Cat at Cardiff Queen St at 8:45 and we went to pick up CLICDan whilst en route to the Vale of Glamorgan — the Eisteddfod destination for the day (week/year… whatever). It was my first time at the Eisteddfod and once we arrived, the view was breathtaking. It looked so amazing and very lively. It seemed as though everyone could speak Welsh, so I felt out of place due to the fact that I lack this ability, but Dan can barely speak it and Jess only a tiny bit, so that was fine and Cat was our translator for the day.

We arrived at our tent where the CLIC stand was for the day and set up before going to get a cuppa and plan our day ahead. We looked around whilst filming different parts of the day and saw a number of things. From food stalls to stores and from a plane (yes, a plane which flies… it didn’t fly today though. Sadly.) to a lot of Welsh talent such as choirs, musicians and so much more. The atmosphere was amazing and you could really feel the Welsh culture — be it modern or good, ol’ fashioned.

There were a variety of stalls; enough to satisfy everyone: university stalls ideal for students and young people considering where to go next in their career and higher education paths, there were information stalls which could help you in so many ways (health, career, hobbies,etc). The BBC even had a tent with all things relating to BBC Wales and had a tardis, dalek and other Dr Who-y things.

The food at the Eisteddfod was expensive, but I guess that’s how they make their money considering everyone needs food and drink and it was a very long day to go without. I had a pizza which was £6 but it was really nice. There were a lot of different food stalls so there was a big choice to choose from.The Eisteddfod is such a big event and I think you should be prepared so here are some things we recommend you need if you are to attend this one or any future Eisteddfods:

  1. Footwear: wellies and/or snow boots are ideal because there’s a lot of mud and you could slip on the plastic that you walk on. Converse, Vans or flats are a big no-no because they will be ruined
  2. Bring a coat, even if it seems sunny: When we arrived, Jess and I thought that because it was sunny, we wouldn’t need coats, so we left them in the car. Obviously, we forgot that weather has the ability to change throughout the day and it poured down towards the end of the day
  3. Money: there’s so much there to buy and food is expensive. I’d recommend £10 per person for food (not including snacks) and then as much spending money as you wish
  4. Visiting: I think that because there is so much to do, you should try to visit more than one day to see everything. There’s too much to do for a one day visit! 

The whole day was brilliant and I absolutely loved it there. I would highly recommend you to go to the Eisteddfod even if you can’t speak Welsh because they are all bilingual people so if you tell them you can’t speak Welsh, they will happily speak English for you.

I would like to say a massive thank you to CLIC for letting me attend the Eisteddfod, to Dan and Cat for being amazingly awesome and to ..Snow for being a great person to hang around with! And well done to her for speaking so much Welsh!

Check out photos taken at the Eisteddfod here.

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