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Yn Gymraeg

You’re probably familiar with CLIC’s BOTB winners, Eric Unseen, right? They’re also playing in the CLIC Awards, by the way, if you want to check them out.

Anyway, since the BOTB, I’ve been to a few of their gigs and got along pretty well with them and their manager, Anthony Bunko. They’ve even asked me to manage their street team (which is like a fan base and promotion thing that bands/singers have… I’ve also got some of the Wicid lot involved because I can’t do it alone) and one of the things they’ve asked the team to do is help them spread the word about something.

What’s that? Well, you know McFly? They’re holding a Battle of the Bands where bands can sign up, post a bit about them along with a YouTube video and get people to vote them. The top 50 will then be turned into the top 26 as McFly choose each band to support them for each night of their tour. Eric Unseen are up for this and really need your help to have a good chance. Imagine them winning a spot on the tour with McFly. They’ll get more popular and you can sit back and think “Yeah, I helped them get them where they are today.”

How do you vote? Easy. Go to this link and then click on the Facebook Like (make sure you’re logged into Facebook first) and that’s it. Yup, s’all there is to it. Easy right? And it won’t take up much of your time, either.

Come on, be a gem and vote!


Eric Unseen’s Facebook

Eric Unseen’s Twitter

Street Team’s Facebook

Street Team’s Twitter

Keep your eyes peeled for more from the Eric Unseen and their Street Team! You’ll get loads of updates from the links above.


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