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Hey, this is my first time publishing content on WICID, so please don’t judge it too harshly.

I love creative writing and reading, and have posted little stories on other websites before. Thought I needed to get back into the knack. Hope you guys enjoy!


The loud, booming footsteps from the great army boots grew closer to where Rochelle and Finn hid. In between two green and tattered skips wasn’t the best idea for a place to hide from vicious predators, but it was the only place Rochelle could find.

She craned her neck forward, left hand wrapped tight in Finn’s grasp in case she needed his assistance. Her dark eyes scanned the dirty, secluded lane. She could just see the edge of a deep green tail coat disappearing. The pack had gone.

“I think we’re safe.” Her whisper was barely audible. She knew how sensitive their hearing was. They would be here in seconds if she had spoken a tone louder.
Finn pulled her back into his chest, and hugged her tightly. Despite the small space and the awkward position of Rochelle almost sitting on Finn’s lap, she didn’t care.

“What the hell are those things?” Finn whispered into Roch’s shoulder. He was thankful that his common sense and copying Roch’s actions around these weird beings, otherwise he’d be dead. More or less. They looked like they could kill. He was still tired from the running.

“Hitchers. They’re like a special kind of police force. They go hunting for people like me and take them away. I’ve heard horrible stories about what happens when you’ve been dragged back to Base.” She tucked her legs in closer to her chest, God, she was cold. Talking about Hitchers made her even colder.

“So, like the Nazis hunting the Jews really,” Finn said matter-of-factly. He knew and liked his history. Always been known as the nerd in history lessons. He noticed that Rochelle had shifted slightly. Something was wrong.

“Wait, what do you mean, people like you?” She usually said ‘people like me’, which made Finn curious, in a concerned sort of way.

“Yes, like the Jews. People like me? Freaks.” Her head fell onto Finn’s muscular arm and she stroked the arm hairs with her forehead.

“Freak? You’re not a freak. You’re -” suddenly a bright flash shot down onto the pair. The harsh light blinded them, causing Rochelle to flail out of Finn’s hold. She looked up and saw a horde of Hitchers sliding down from ropes. The loud whip of a helicopter hovering over them shot Rochelle’s body into action. Before Finn had the chance to figure out what was going on Roch had grabbed his hand and pulled him up from the ground. He knew more running was going to happen, and he pushed his legs to keep up with Rochelle’s neat and nimble sprint, even though she held his hand so tight he couldn’t feel the blood circulation anymore.

They’d reached the large football pitch and Finn knew he couldn’t run anymore. His legs were like lead, he could taste blood, his head was ringing and he felt like he was about to throw up all his guts. He had no idea how Rochelle could sprint for over 10 minutes with no trouble.

Rochelle stopped when they’d reached the middle of the overgrown playing field. Finn collapsed on all fours, digging into the grass and breathing heavily. He coughed a number of times, all ounces of energy sucked out of his body.

The floodlights illuminated Rochelle’s mocha-coloured skin. Her raven black hair shone as it clung to her lower back. Finn could’ve melted right there and then.

Rochelle looked around wildly, and saw Hitchers circling the pitch. They slowly moved in closer, ready to strike. Axes, maces, swords, shotguns, pistols, miniguns.

The Hitchers had come prepared tonight.

Only she was not ready to fight. Not tonight.

She needed to protect Finn.

Finn looked around and saw the massive gang of Hitchers, hungry for his flesh to be smothered against the grass. Fear slid through his body and his eyes widened in panic. His head snapped up and noticed that Rochelle had reached her hand down to help him up. He shakily grabbed her hand and she pulled him up instantly, as if his head was an electric shock. The both looked around and saw the horde were only about 150 meters away. Those black leather gloves that they all wore gripped their weapons and their deep green tailcoats whooshed in the wind.

“Do you trust me?” Rochelle’s words snapped Finn out of his fearful trance to look Rochelle in the eye. Those dark, beautiful eyes. He could get lost for days.

“Yes. with every inch of my being.” God, that sounded so cheesy. He almost threw his hand over his mouth. He was too caught up in fear to do so though.

“Then wrap your arms around my hips. Right now.” Her reply was soft, but firm. An order.

“What?” He was confused. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed a Hitcher about to swing his axe.

“Now, Finn!” He grabbed her hips tight as she shrieked. A bright light shone from Rochelle and Finn had to squeeze his eyes shut. A loud whoosh rang through his ears and the icy wind ripped through his clothes. He eventually opened his eyes and almost screamed. He could see all the football pitch, but in bird’s eye view the Hitchers looked like little angry ants, running around wondering where the hell had they gone.


He’s about a couple thousand feet in the air.


He was still gripping tight at Rochelle’s hips, his face stroking against her flat belly. He looked up and saw Rochelle already looking down at him, a concerned look on her face, as if she was waiting for approval. A large pair of sleek black wings flapped behind her. His breath was stolen. He had no idea what to say.

“See? Told you I was a freak.” She managed to give a cheeky smile. Finn smiled weakly back. He was amazed, but equally terrified. He shook, but still held tightly. He didn’t feel like falling to his death with a squish on the ground and those Hitchers dancing on his body parts.

“Now, can you stay very still, so I can climb onto your back? It’s like your giving me a piggy-back, but I’m doing the work.”

Finn stayed very still as Rochelle quickly latched onto his back. For a second he had to let go and free-fall, which petrified him, but Rochelle promised that she would grab him straight away and not let go. She kept her word.

“I know a good place to go. Hitchers won’t find us there and I’ll be able to explain everything,” Rochelle said. Her words were whipped away by the harsh wind as soon as they came out of her lips.

She stopped hovering and let them drop through the air. The air was pulled from Finn’s lungs, and suddenly she lunged forward, and they were soaring through the night sky.

Finn relaxed, it was like he was on some kind of magic roller coaster. Except magic was all tricks and illusions. This was all too real.


Hope you guys liked it. Comment any ideas if you like?

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