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Were you aware that today is ‘Everybody Writes Day’?

If you weren’t, you are now!

Yes, that’s right. Today is ‘Everybody Writes Day’, a day that is dedicated to all interpretations of writing. It is an annual celebration for writing which, in today’s society, is something we often take for granted.

The talent to write, is a freedom to express. And today is a day to celebrate all writing forms.

‘Everybody Writes Day’ is a fabulous excuse for everyone to express themselves and simply write. It’s an excuse for freely expressing creativity. Which is often something we take for granted.

Have you written something today, in honour of ‘Everybody Writes Day’? I bet you didn’t even realise you had.

But you have. I’m almost 100% sure you’ve all written something today. Whether it’s something as basic as writing a shopping list, or planning out your day, or even writing a diary entry, a letter, a poem. Or even writing an article (like this one) for an example, or a text, or an email. No matter in what way, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve written today. Because these days it’s almost impossible for us – in our society – to go a day without writing something. And although the world is modernising, there is still one consistent: we all rely on writing as our greatest form of communication, next to talking. Even those who cannot talk, sometimes type, which is another form of both writing and communicating. This is just one example of the power of writing.

Nowadays it would be a challenge to go a day without writing something. Maybe you’d like to try it one day. I challenge you to do so. Let me know if you’re successful. For some reason I don’t think I’d personally be able to do it. As I write almost all day everyday, as do most.

The truth is without writing you would not be reading my article right now, you would not even be aware that today is ‘Everybody Writes Day’. Writing is such a powerful tool. Today, and everyday, we should take the time to appreciate the power of writing, and the power of expression. Writing is one of the biggest forms of expression around, and the best thing about it is the freedom, to use the skill, and gift, of writing in any way you want.

‘Everybody Writes Day’, is a day to inspire people to write, and to keep on writing but also to appreciate writing, and consider where we would be without it.
Have you ever considered the fact that your favourite novel would not exist without writing? Those imaginary worlds you escape into as you turn the pages of your favourite book, they would not exist. The characters we most relate to, or are most drawn to, they would not exist either. Even the lyrics to your favourite song would not belong. Poetry would be said but never read.

The power and the skill that writing gives us as humans, is the ability to imagine, create, express, produce, motivate, inform and inspire.

Be creative and write something today for ‘Everybody Writes Day’.

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