Experience the thrill of the chase with Taskforce Skirmish

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest state of the art digital laser guns for the
ultimate outdoor adventure experience FOR ALL AGES FROM 8 UPWARDS, using high tech infra red
laser technology you will play in a safe environment without the use of goggles or safety equipment,
no projectiles nor bruises for an adrenaline filled day.

Each player is given an easy to use laser tag gun,
which plays futuristic sound effects. Pinpoint
accuracy up to 300 meters with harmless infra red
beams. Points are scored when you successfully
zap the opposition with one of the sensors located
on the headband and the gun. You will lose points
yourself if you are hit by an opponent’s laser. There
are many game variations from simple games to
more advanced and complex games for small and
large teams alike. Unlike any other forms of laser
sport such as quasar or similar games, at Task Force
Skirmish you won’t have the restriction of dark
indoor settings, just pure adrenaline outdoor fun.

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