Extended Provision Success At Bryncelynnog Comprehensive

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In Bryncelynnog Comprehensive at 5pm, Joanne Gould and Tracey Webster run Extended Provision in the Beddau CEC building, where YEPS (Youth Engagement and Participation Service) is based.

Participants that come along can stay until 8pm. Loads of activities are on offer such as: football, pool, snooker. There’s also an Xbox 360 and a PS3 along with a table tennis table.

It’s good but needs to be open more evenings,” Cameron – year 10.

I think Extended Provision is very good but we should do activities like go-karting etc,” Lewis – year 8.

I like taking part in pool tournaments and playing on the PS3,” William – year 8.

Awesome,” Mason – year 10.

I had the chance to interview the leaders, Joanne Gould and Tracey Webster.

Jo Gould.

1) What is your job and what do you do with the young people?

I’m a youth participation officer. I co-ordinate all after school/lunch time activities ranging from film-making to swimming etc. All activities are free and it’s my job to ensure that all young peoples needs are met – if you’ve got any new ideas or questions come over to the Beddau CEC building in the youth wing.

2) Do you think more needs to be done with extended provision?

Yes, we need more young people to come and participate so they can let Tracey and I know how they can make it better

3) What do you enjoy about working with young people?

I enjoy providing new activities in order for them to have fun and new experiences and opportunities. It’s really rewarding seeing young people learning new things.

Tracey Webster.

1) What is your job and what do you do with the young people?

I’m the Bryncelynnog youth re-engagement officer, I support Jo to run Extended Provision. I also deal with attendance between 86-90% and I also support young people inside and outside school to achieve their potential by overcoming barriers to learning education and employment between the ages of 11 and 25.

2) Do you think there still needs to be more done with extended provision?

Yes, but it needs to come from young people. For example, art and craft ideas, health issues, understanding relationships and friendships are needs-lead. If young people don’t want to do activities, there’s little point in running them.

3) What do you enjoy most about working with young people?

I enjoy seeing young people reach their potential and gaining confidence when they try new things.

My opinion

I think that extended provision is great but, as always, there are various issues that need to be sorted out but everything is great with a few things in a bit of a muddle. However, things can always be built upon because nothing is perfect.

So, if you’re aged between 11-25 come along to Extended Provision which is in the Beddau CEC building in the youth wing. It’s great, so you should definitely come along.

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