Fairies and Dragons: Elements

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The dragons were few in number, even though there were only 4 dragons left. The first dragon had fire, the second dragon had ice, the third dragon had water, the fourth dragon was in control of air and earth, and he was the leader.
The fairies were also few in number, there where only five fairies left with the same powers as the dragons. If a fairy dies then so does a dragon. They all lived in the forest.
The dragon and the fairies had to team up to fight the Wizard. The dragons and the fairies had to go and see the wise old unicorn, the unicorn said
“Seek the crystal ball in the land made of lava”. The dragons and fairies went looking for the crystal ball, but when they got there armies were protecting the land of lava.
When they realised this, the dragons and the fairies got ready to fight. A little after the battle the dragons and the fairies lived on, so they made their way to get the crystal ball, but on the way, they ran into the Wizard. The Wizard warned them that “If you touch this crystal, I will kill you”.
The dragons and the fairies made a plan for the dragons to distract the wizard, while the fairies would steel the crystal ball.
The fairies grabbed the crystal ball and quickly flew passed the Wizard. Then the Wizard disappeared and said “I stop you from banishing me”.
The fairies and dragons went back to the forest, to the circle of stones. They placed the crystal ball in the centre of the circle, then the dragons surrounded the circle, the fairies surrounded the circle, then they counted to three and focused on their powers, then the fairies said “Banish the Wizard” four times. The Wizard was then banished to a world of ice.
Forever more the dragons and the fairies lived a happy and prosperous life.
The end.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Great story! x

  2. Deliah says:

    Awesome story! I love fantasies. x

  3. luna light says:

    thanck you all my story i had fun to tip and is on i wroet in year 8 so it was fun to do now thanck

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