Fallout 76: A Beta Experience – Game Review

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People all over the internet have been criticising Bethesda for making a lackluster video game, not communicating the beta and failing to actually sell 76 on what it is… a survival MMO Lite (an online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously), a genre that has only ever been touched on a few times with varying amounts of success. 

Fallout 76 is a survival MMO with a surprising lack of volume when it comes to players, the map itself can more than accommodate 50 players however Bethesda decided to stick with 24 player servers. This is quite confusing yet makes perfect sense as they’re not trying to make the next Runescape, but the next Rust with an in depth story, world and lore. 

Bethesda is known for just that, lore. Whether it’s the Institute or the Dark Brotherhood, Bethesda has crafted a beloved universe throughout the franchise in Elder Scrolls and Fallout most notably. Bethesda is the best at what they do.

Now onto the Fallout Beta. Bethesda allowed us 4 hours of game play instead of your typical 24/7 up time which actually makes sense with a game like Fallout 76, the progress you make in the beta does actually carry over to the full game when it launches which is a beautiful concept that Bethesda seems to have implemented perfectly from limiting the playtime. Having the game online 24/7 would mean people could technically finish the game before it’s even released.

From my 4 hours of game play, here are my thoughts on how the game handles and plays: 

Gameplay – 8

If you liked Fallout 4, you will like this game, SIMPLE! The crafting has been re-worked and the loot tables no longer give you everything an enemy was holding but now gives you items based on the level of the area you are in… just like a true MMO. The gun play is smoother than ever with the hit registration just being plain beautiful, the menus feel fluid and the controls feel familiar and responsive. There’s nothing massively wrong with the game play but I have to take a couple points away for the holotapes auto playing when you pick them up, it’s very annoying having to go into your pip boy every couple of minutes to pause the holotape. It would equate to starting fresh on GTA Online where you get an alert for something every 5 seconds until the game registers that you’ve seen all the alerts.

Graphics – 8

Fallout 76 feels familiar as it looks like Fallout 4. It may even borrow some assets however don’t be fooled, this game looks absolutely gorgeous especially when you enter a new area for the first time and notice the stark difference in the colour pallet compared to other Fallout games. The greys of Fallout 3, the oranges of Fallout New Vegas and the muddy blues and browns of Fallout 4 all come together with a sprinkle of bright green foliage to offer a great starting point for Fallout 76. The guns look as smooth or rugged as they did in Fallout 4, and the character models still look great. There’s nothing to really say except compliments to Bethesda on the graphics but then again this is Bethesda and their games are always BEAUTIFUL!

Sounds – 6

I experienced many bugs with the audio in my play through of the beta, the main one being like I mentioned previously about the holotapes randomly auto playing which was very frustrating, accompanied by the random survivor stories that come along with them. That being said… when the sound did work, it was beautiful. The combination of soundtrack, ambience and gun play was the perfect combination, it had you captivated with the wasteland. 

This beta actually worked surprisingly well when you put my audio issues aside, the server kicked me out once but after that I played with no server issues except for the occasional stutter. I played all the way to the server shutting down alert and didn’t get kicked, I left while there was still 2 minutes left on the beta so I didn’t experience the shut down but I expect it went as smooth as the rest of the beta.

Hope you enjoyed my little bit of insight on Fallout 76. Thank you for taking the time to read my piece, have a nice day day 🙂

Peace, Bishop.


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