Fallout 76: A Post E3 Recap

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Welcome back to the wastelands vault dwellers, we’ve been boozing it up in the wild wasteland, well, when we’re not trading up our legendaries and ammo in the local market and the more adventurous of us take on the waves of failed experiments for caps and gear.

Oh and now the humans are coming back to the wasteland with their own set of problems, darn, just as I got this shiny new backpack too.

So E3 has come and gone and with it we got given the news that NPCs are returning to the game along with gold sifting and new scary looking enemies, now let’s get back into the review. Oh I almost forgot that they added a battle royale too, yay?

Gameplay – 8

Ah the wild wasteland update, I went in apprehensively at first then I realised that they were adding one of the things we were all asking for, content. It started with a fun little quest that ended with you being able to brew your own booze and Nuka Cola, definitely useful but you may be asking

‘Bish what’s the point in brewing Nuka Cola if I can’t open my own Nuka Cola themed cafe?’

Well wonder no more dear wastelander, you can now sell your Nuka Cola with the newly added vending machines.

Would you like a bag with that? – 9

I really wish I could give this feature a 10 but it’s lack of pure carrying power brings it down that much needed point. Now Bethesda added backpacks into fallout 76, a much requested feature, yet why did it fall flat with so many people?

Well as I previously mentioned the complete lack of raw carrying power is a bit naff, the bags add a measly +50 to your carry weight and later down the line you can add patches to the bag which will add perks such as the salt badge making food last longer however it’s a little confusing on why Bethesda didn’t add things like sleeping bags for portable sleeping and little things like a backpack add-on for the power armours.

The modding community has shown that there’s endless possibilities with backpacks yet Bethesda keeps ignoring their ideas for some reason, I may have been negative with this review but I love the fact that they are just listening, maybe they aren’t implementing the best possible versions but at least they’re listening.

Graphics – 8

In the wild wasteland update there were updates added to both console and PC to help with the graphics, things such as FOV sliders for the PC and the removal of god rays from console, still beautiful though.

Sound – 8

The sound design is still good with these updates and I’m noticing less and less bugs so well done Bethesda.

To close I’m now punching 250 hours in game and I’m loving the game more than ever, I can’t wait for the next set of updates, hey! Maybe I’ll get my power armour backpack, who knows.

See you in the wastes fellow vault dwellers.


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