Fallout 76 Review – My Experience In The Wastes Of 76 (Full Game)

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I want to love it, I did for the first 100 hours but it’s just unclear what is next without mods or more varied content.

I wanted this game to be the online survival game me and my friends have been waiting for but sadly, It’s just not. I’m torn between the beautiful landscape and the dull grind of gameplay, opinions change over time and so will the game, so in a few months I’ll write an update piece for you guys to let you know what Bethesda has done with it.

In my previous article (which you can find by clicking here) I praised Bethesda for the gameplay yet you guys need to remember that I only had 4 hours in the game and was level 8 at that time. I’m writing this review from the aftermath of two updates, half of the games achievements earned and over 100 hours game time, You could call me the salty veteran of the franchise at this point.

Gameplay – 6

This has lost a couple of points after realising how lonely it is when you don’t have friends online to play with… picture Sea of Thieves solo play, that is the exact description of solo 76 play, with friends you can have a blast if you make your own fun but other than that it’s a pretty empty sandbox with a lot of enemies to fight. All my previous statements about the gunplay, base building and combat are all still true, it’s a well made game, there’s just not that much depth to it.

Graphics – 8

The game is still beautiful, there’s not much else to say about it on this topic.

Sound – 7

I’ve had quite a few more audio bugs in the full release than I did in the beta, but that’s probably be down to the engine more than anything

To close, Fallout 76 is an enjoyable game for the first 50 ish hours but there’s just not enough to it at the moment to make it worthwhile as a time sink compared to other survival offerings like DayZ, Rust and even Minecraft. Bethesda will need to add a fair bit of variety to the content or simply more depth, DayZ has it’s niche of being extremely hard to master, Rust has it’s depth and pretty good building mechanics without a budget scheme, and Minecraft is simply Minecraft you know what to expect with it by now, 76 simply needs to find it’s Niche.

Big thank you to Bethesda for taking the time to send Wicid a copy of the new game. I hope I can bring you more game reviews in the future. Check out their social media accounts below:

Twitter – @BethesdaStudios

Facebook – Bethesda Game Studios


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