False Widow Spider Count On Rise

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Hi, it’s me again. xVGx M1LLZ.

I am writing this article to inform you all about the rise in count of the most dangerous spider in the UK, the species is called the false widow spider. It is able to burn the skin and send its venom through your bloodstream but it’s not fatal unless you’re a new-born baby with a low metabolism.

So far, I have heard reports of sightings from Penrhiwceiber and Aberdare. There has been an increase in the number of sightings of the species and more reports of people being bitten. Conservationists believe that changes in the climate could be encouraging the spider to make itself at home in new areas.

Here are some facts:

1. The false widow spider is one of just three or four spider species that can survive in homes by catching enough food.

2. You are most likely to find a false widow in your home if you live in a high-floor flat because the spiders prefer living higher up.

3. A favourite home for the false widow spider is at the top of a conservatory or a greenhouse because of the trapped heat.

4. You’re most likely to see the false widow at night time, as they tend to hide during the day. Their favourite hanging position is upside down in their web.

This has been xVGx M1LLZ – hope you enjoyed the article and be careful when you’re all outside.

Image: wildaboutbritain

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