Family Information Service Database Is Now Live!

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The Family Information Service are excited to announce thelaunch of a brand new online database. The database allows parentsand professionals to search for a variety of services and activities such as:

  •         Childminders
  •         Day nurseries
  •         Holiday play schemes
  •        Food Coops
  •         Sports clubs and classes  

Plus much much more!

This new online service is the result of many months of hardwork and data collection from across a number of RCT Council Departments sothat we can provide everyone living in RCT with accurate and up to date informationthat can be accessed from PC’s, mobile phones and tablets.

Please follow the link below to search and explore:

All feedback including suggestions for improving the siteare  welcome.  We will be amending and improving the site over thenext few weeks to ensure it provides everyone with the information they need,so please fill out the feedback form and have your say.

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