Famous Grill Takes Over 3 Hours To Deliver From Porth To Williamstown

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On Monday 12th November 2012, I found £10 on the bus on my way to work placement with Wicid.tv and with the £10 I decided to treat myself to a lovely kebab from a local takeawayFamous Grill in Porth.

I got home from work placement around about 5.30pm and as soon as I got home, I picked up the menu for Famous Grill, phoned up, and ordered Meal Deal 9, which was a medium kebab, chips and a can of Dr Pepper.

They told me on the phone that my order would arrive in 30 minutes.

At 7pm, an hour after I phoned my order through, there was still no sign of the delivery driver with my order, so I decided to ring up again and ask where my order was.

The woman on the phone said the driver on duty that night was in Penygraig, which is literally 2 minutes away from my house. So I stood on my doorstep in the freezing cold weather hoping that my food would arrive within 5 minutes and can you guess? 5 minutes went and it had still not turned up.

8pm had come and I was still standing on my doorstep waiting for the kebab.

So I phoned Famous Grill for a third time and they used the same excuse again, this time saying he was in Williamstown. But when I went to stand on my doorstep again there was still no sign of the driver.

8.30pm had arrived and the kebab still hadn’t come. I was really, really hungry by now so therefore, I phoned again and I was told they were going to send another driver out with a freshly-made kebab.

As the second driver arrived at my house at 9pm, the first driver turned up with the other kebab and I was still made to pay for the two kebabs after a 3 hour wait.

In total, I had to pay £10.50 for two kebabs even though I only ordered one.

I did not even get an apology from any of the drivers for the delay, which I thought was disgraceful.

I am never ordering from that kebab shop ever again and I think the business should have told me the truth of the whereabouts of the delivery driver, instead of lying!

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1 thought on “Famous Grill Takes Over 3 Hours To Deliver From Porth To Williamstown”

  1. WICIDRhys says:

    The takeaway will lose loads of customers if they keep doing this, it’s really out of order. Making you pay for two kebabs takes the mickey as well, I can’t believe you paid for both…

    It seems that the Wicidites have had quite a bit of trouble recently with takeaway food. Ihavethecyrusvirusx’s article on McDonald’s is well worth a read if you enjoyed this article:


    Has anybody else had any trouble with takeaways/fast food?

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