Fantastic Mr Fox @ The New Theatre

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Roald Dahl possessed an extraordinary mind and was one of the best children’s writers ever. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a great contribution to his collection of creative stories. The spirit of the story emphasizes the love between Mr. Fox and his friends because you are afraid and excited in his race for survival. This performance took place in the marvelous New Theatre in Cardiff.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a tricky and clever fox who lives underground next door to a tree with his wife and children. His family and friends need food to survive, so Mr. Fox makes nightly visits to 3 farms owned by horrible and cruel farmers. Mr. Fox always outsmarts them so they come up with a plan to kill Mr. Fox which sends him and his family and friends on an adventure of survival.

The performances were brilliant by the actors who had lots of energy for a small cast. The singing and dancing was exciting and there was lots of fun. Greg Barnett did an outstanding job as Mr. Fox, as did Jade Croot as Kit, Raphael Bushay as badger and one of the farmers, Lillie Flynn as Mrs. Fox, Sandy Foster as rabbit, Gruffudd Glyn as the mole and one of the farmers and Kelly Jackson as the mouse. The band was on the stage for the whole performance in the top right corner of the stage as three little birds. My favorite character was the rat that was played by Richard Atwill because of the perfectly timed comedy he provided.

The costumes (especially the foxes) were pieces of art and the set was spectacular with many different levels that were spinning and turning. The lighting made the songs even more exciting and truly added an extra dimension to the performance. Arthur Darvill wrote very catchy and memorable songs, which encouraged audience participation.

The performance was a refreshing take on a classic tale with a great message: friends are important. It put a smile on many people’s faces and the songs made them want to dance. The comedy was good (though sometimes a bit silly to appeal to younger audiences) and the voices were strong. Fantastic Mr. Fox was performed in the New Theatre between the 21st of February and the 25th.


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