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To offer some added support YEPS have compiled a few questions and answers that have been the most popular on our instant messenger chat.  We have added in the response we gave and also added any updated information we have got since the question was asked.

When is my youth club opening back up?

We can’t wait to open up our youth clubs too.  Unfortunately, we do not know the answer right now.  Until we can open back up there are still lots of ways to keep in touch with us.  We are running virtual youth clubs via Zoom and YEPS staff are also out on the streets working now.  Our teams are out from Monday to Friday in the evenings.  DM us if you want to know exact details of who is out and when they’re in your area.

YEPS activities shut down for Christmas holidays from 18/12/20 – 04/01/21.

My boyfriend wants me to send him sexy pics.  What shall I do?

This is a complicated one.  You should not feel pressured to do anything you do not want to do and more so this is illegal for anyone under 18.  It can cause lots of issues and my advice is, to be safe then don’t do it.  You do not know where the pictures may end up and we have heard of lots of instances where they have been sent around to lots of different people afterwards, especially if the relationship ends. This question was asked on our Wicid Nan page we used to run.  If you want to look at the full detailed response then you can read it here.  The detailed response gives lots of links so maybe worth you looking into.

I want to drop out of college as I do not like my course.  What can I do?

Firstly we hope you are feeling ok. It must be a hard time if you are feeling unhappy about your course.  YEPS have a dedicated team called TSW’s (Transitional Support Workers) who can help and guide you with this.  You can see our TSW’s on this link,  If you want someone to contact you then please send us your details and we will be in touch very soon.

I am staying on my friends sofa as I have argued with my Mam.  I heard you may know how to help?

Yes we can support you.  I hope you get to make it up with your Mam. If not, there are other options we can help you with. If you want a YEPS worker to ring you and support you through this (not available from 18/12/20 – 04/01/21) then please get in touch.

We also have this video which has some great information and contact numbers to help you if you are homeless or sofa surfing.

Homelessness Info video

Where can I go to get condoms?

Please see link for all the places to get condoms on the condom card scheme, all you need to do is just tap in your postcode to find the nearest place to you –  http://www.cccymru.co.uk/outlets/find/

Some of these places may be limited due to the restrictions (and now the Christmas period), however we have some updated information from our nurses to support you over the Christmas period.

The Young person’s under 25 advisory service in Dewi Sant Hospital is closed at the moment. If anyone needs help, wants to talk to someone or needs sexual health advice over the Christmas period, please contact the Sexual Health Nurses department triage line (01443 443836) or email their inbox CTM.Youth-Partnership-Sexual-Health@wales.nhs.uk

Be safe over Christmas!

My Dad is drinking a lot and I am worried about him. Is there anything I can do?

We are sorry to hear that you are worried about your Dad. YEPS work really closely with an organisation called Barod who offer this exact support. Click here for more info and contact details.  If you want YEPS to support you and to make contact then please let us know and we will support you the best we can (YEPS staff not available from (18/12/20 – 04/01/21)

I am worried about going back to school because of Coronavirus. My sister said I am being silly.

We hope you are ok. We understand that some people are uneasy about attending school.  Please be assured that schools are following all the guidance they are given to make schools a safe place to learn. YEPS have workers who can talk to you on a one to one basis to support you back in if this is something you want us to look into for you and also have YEPS staff in each of the secondary schools.

You can get in touch with us in many ways.  The easiest way is to follow us on social media @YEPSRCT you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Then send us a DM or use our instant messenger service (not in use from 18/12/20 – 04/01/21) and one of our staff can reach out to you.


Remember that you can contact the Meic Helpline by text, IM or phone if you need information, advice or advocacy. They are open every day from 8 in the morning until midnight (even at Christmas and every weekend).

Call: 080880 23456 – All calls are totally free… and guess what, they don’t show up on your bill either!
Text: 84001 – You can text Meic free anytime!


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