Fashion Show in Llwynypia College

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On Friday 25th March, there was a fashion show by the kids doing a Fashion Design course in the arts factory. I was one of them. 

We modeled our own designs that matched the themes we choose ourselves. There was a flower theme, a Japanese theme, a night-and-day theme and Gothic fantasy theme, which was my theme. The designs took a few weeks to make but they all turned out brilliant. 

Back stage we had some problems with make up, jewelery and other stuff. When everyone lined up to go on, the fun began, we all showed what we can do, even though some people were more into their make-up than the clothes they were wearing.

Walking on stage in front of all those people was fantastic! There were a lot of youngsters in the front who enjoyed themselves, one person decided to let a few young people jump up on stage with us!

The clothes were stunning, the dresses were brilliant and so were the shirts and trousers. The best part about it was that most of us didn’t even know what we were doing, there were some who did and some who were rehearsing but over all it was the most fun I’ve had in a while.

For more information on what’s going on at the arts factory click here: Arts Factory


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