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Beads, beads everywhere but not a sequin in sight! That’s right, Summer is on its way and it’s time to look effortlessly chic.

I’m going to start with the best! This is an American site, so although you’ll probably find bargains as far as prices go, the shipping could be put on to your accountant as a “Offshore Charge” but for how gorgeous the stock is, you’ll wonder how you ever bought clothes anywhere ELSE!

Introducing and this pretty in pink floral bangle set for less than ten dollars – or about 7 pounds!

If floral isn’t your thing, why not introduce some wood and a lil’ bit of gold.

River Island and less than ten pounds!

Don’t be afraid to inject some colour into that neutral top – it’s in my opinion the best place for accessories and jewellery. Of course, it’s Diva from Miss Selfridge! Coming in at fifteen pounds.

Now personally I think it’s a bit ridiculous to spend nearly 20 pounds on a bangle, unless it’s this one! Again from Miss Selfridge and 18.50.

Now this one isn’t strictly a bangle, but it is chic, it’s local, it’s cheap and it’ll compliment any of the above. It’s a brown buckle belt from Asda for less than four pounds – go grab a bargain!

So, bring on Summer, cause we look ready for it!

Next time, I’m going to go back to last season and get some glitz, because when you’re on a night-out nothing picks up the disco ball quite like a sequin.

Till next time!


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