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Hey Guys and Dolls!

We live in a dark age of styling. Gok Wan Is too busy signing books on his tour, Trinny and Susannah were eaten by Trisha and frankly, Rachel Zoe is going “Bananas!” So who you gonna call? How about Sir Clucky?

Someone at suggested that the site needed some more “Fashion” and “Culture” content on the website so I had an idea Light bulb!

I’ve decided to post up my “Top 5 Beauty Buys” and “Frockin’ Fabulous Five” pieces of clothing of the moment.

I’ll try and do this as often as possible because as well as trying to help you, it’s just plain fun!

This week’s theme is “Blend with a Bang!” Drum Roll Please!

All the things I’ve found today are from there are so many colours, styles fabric and there’s a range of prices too if the pennies are precious, so here’s my favourite flavour of the month!


This is just a stunning and simple blazer with a plunging neckline and single-button design. The sleeves are at elbow length and finished off with a nice caramel and black trim on the fold.

Wear it with any top but avoid shoulder pads, you’ll ache! Pair with some black leggings, a pendant and your favourite heels!

Talking of a pendant, check out this beauty.

Forever21 link 2

Enough said!

The basic foundation to any outfit is the top so I’ve found one that could go with anything and if you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

Forever21 link 3

Show me a fan of feathers and you’ve got me! This would go perfectly with anything you want to wear. A blazer and leggings, a shrug and jeans or go edgy but chucking some volume on the bottom and rock a Carrie Bradshaw circa 2009 look!

Some women are shoe fanatics and I’m not exception but if there is one thing I love more than my a killer Court is a Terrific Tote!

Forever21 link 4

I just died! As with everything I’ve shown you, this is completely transferable and it’s got an expensive look. Throw this next to a Chanel Tote from 2008 and you wouldn’t know the difference but I’ll tell you the difference. £240!

Anyway. Back on the subject of shoes.

Forever21 link 5

I have seen heaven and it smells like patent leather!

These shoes may seem as out there choice but I’m not into the whole “Match your accessories with your top” look, it’s dull! Of course if you do like that look then order the grey pair instead of the cream.

Let’s all say it with me “Forever, Forever 21!” I really hope you’ve enjoyed my first “Frockin’ Fabulous Five” and I hope you’ll read the other to come 🙂

Next time I’m going to make you see things my way as I dress up my favourite part of the body. The eyes.

Stay Fierce! 😉

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    I need those shoes SirClucky! they will go with every one of my Christmas outfits, so really it would be rude for me not to purchase them, don’t you think? A neutral colour like this is a must in a pair of shoes.

    When’s the next Frockin’ Fabulous Five? I’m sure I need a new Christmas Party Dress. Any ideas?

    Just to let you all know Peacocks have a few new classics in the Pearl Lowe range, my sister bought a fabulous cream number with black bows at a steal (£40) which thinking about it will go fabulous with those shoes! 🙂

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