Feel good Friday, the WICID.tv report :)

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On the 6th of August up in the Rhondda the Wicid.tv editorial team were invited to join the celebration of the Arts Factory 20th Anniversary and experience the feel good Friday event that was put on by the Trerhondda Chapel volunteers and what a day it was.

The Arts Factory is an independent development trust based in the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales, an area of acute deprivation that is committed to building a strong, inclusive community. Arts Factory has been operating since 1990 and exists to develop people and serve the communities people form.

Even though it was tipping down with rain we all still had a Good Friday afternoon.
The event was organised by Sarah Slye who is the Arts Factory Youth Coordinator.

There was SO much too do from arts and crafts to fire safety advice and there was food to keep your stomach happy as well.

Not only was the event a success for the volunteers that do such a great job but a fantastic day for every one in the community to be part of.


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