Ferndale Drop in RETURNS!!!!

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YYYYYYaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Pant Pant! *Gasp!*
That was the sound I made last week returning to the Community Room at Ferndale Community School at full throttle. As you know, I am not built for any type of
A: sport
B: running
C: any two of the above

Still, drop in is back this week, on Wednesday and vvvvvvvvvvvvvveeery quickly for half hour or so on Thursday (due to a wonkily timed meeting) in the afternoon. So, all you peeps and peepesses, if you wanna come and catch up with stuff….yeh, I really want to know the goss and stuff from the cluster…come and pop by because my days are getting rather
A: out of hand
B: boring (paperwork)
C: I can tell u all of the fabaroonie trips and activities we have planned BEFORE posting on this website
D: all of the above

c’mon you lot…pop by, say hi, and we can discuss Wicid editorial groups and stuff with long words (without the boring bit)



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