Ferndale drop in Update

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It has been a long time since I posted…due to work, work, more work, mobile going on the blitz, work, screwy laptop, work, losing photos due to blitzing mobile, actually getting photos off said wonky mobile , work, and a bit more work.

Phew. Right, now I have got that off my chest, it is time I updated (quite) a few posts, so bare with me….its gonna take time, lots of time… (a song from the 80’s?)

OK, Ferndale detached drop in sessions in the school. they are loud, barmy, chaotic, even louder, a bit noisy, more fun, room too small, great, fantastic, and completely young person run. There we do some singing, Ryan and Jamie tend to dance on occasion (all are welcome to join in with the dancing), conversations about everything and anything, and it is a chance for the young people to relax in between lessons and whilst eating eating lunch (and trying not to choke whilst doing dance and singing at the same time). We are available for discussions about issues, OCN delivery on a variety of interests/subjects, Allyn is planning delivery of D of E if any of you are interested, so pop in for an enrollment form! Drop in occurs every Monday and Friday with occasional Wednesdays during the lunch break in the Community Room of Ferndale Community School.


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