Fierce Headbutt: We’ve Done It Again!

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Yn Gymraeg

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen in the newspapers or on the RCT Website, but my friends and I sometimes appear on there after winning awards for our films we have made at E3+ Film Making at Treorchy Comprehensive. Well, normally, people hear the side of the story told by adults and important people, but they never hear our side to the story. So, I thought that maybe we (or I really, the others are busy with GCSE’s and Social lives… the second one I don’t really need to worry much about haha) should tell you our side to our “success” stories! Well, our latest one anyway. Oh, and I better tell you, it’s not going to be written like it is on the websites and in the paper because, well, it’s our side to the story!

I may as well talk about the film itself first and how we had made it. Well, in case you haven’t heard of it, E3+ is basically a scheme run by the Services For Young People in Rhondda Cynon Taf. It provides Extra Curricular activities for young people in Rhondda Cynon Taf. It’s great fun. Film Making is the activity I do along with other pupils, including, Josephine, Matthew, Adam, Ben, Emily, Toby, Calum, Owen, Bronwyn and a few others. Last year, Film Making was changed to a Weekly activity instead of one that takes place in the school holidays (when we found this out, we were extremely pleased!) and for the first session, we basically did some scrap ideas for filming just to get used to the camera again I guess. Owen wanted to do a spoof of ‘Ross Kemp on Gangs’ and he would play Ross Kemp (even though he has a lot of hair and Ross Kemp doesn’t… but still, like I said, it was a scrap idea) and Josie (I’m not going to call her Josephine all the time because she doesn’t like it and no-one calls her that anyway!) and I were going to be the gang (not much of a gang but still) and we immediately both decided to put our ties around our heads and talk like the stereotype of a chav, although, it didn’t last long. We both wanted to be called “Roxy” so I said that I would be Roxanne and she could be Roxy. That’s when The Roxy Sisters were brought to life! It was a proud moment for Josie and I because we were chuffed with our idea! Anyway, I won’t go into much detail about the scrap idea except for the fact that we all loved the idea of The Roxy Sisters, especially Josie and me. We decided we wanted to use them in the proper film we were going to write because we loved playing the sisters so much. When it came to making the film, we had a strong start and ending and then we filmed different sorts of sketches. Some which actually never got to see the light of day. There were ones like The Roxy Sisters doing a show and telling of a dead body, another where they were eventually going to change and be good (looking back, we can see why that one didn’t get used as there is a different ending which I believe we all thought was much better!) and there were probably others that we filmed which we just can’t remember! Ben seemed to appear in lot of the scenes more often than the others, which then created the whole idea of Fierce Headbutt, after a scene where he tries to stop being a “nerd” and stick up for the bullies by creating this “superhero” which The Roxy Sisters found amusing, and another reason to go and bully poor old Ben again! I’m not going to keep on about other scenes,etc. now because it will be too long and you’re probably already losing interest so I’m just going to fast forward to after we filmed and mention the awards we have won,etc.

Later that year, we were nominated for UK’s Best Short Film 2010 at the International Youth and Christian Film Festival (We won the title for UK’s Best Short Film 2009 the year before with our First ever film, The Message) The event that took place in August was really fun! We had to dress up and walk down a (very small) red carpet to get into the venue. We had a three course meal (which wasn’t exactly what I expected. Being a vegetarian I had a plate full of mushrooms… with a few potatoes. Plus I now know that I dislike coffee cake) and had name tags for where we had to sit (very posh! I kept mine for a little keepsake. Especially since they spelled my name right!). The awards were great and we had a lot of fun talking and giggling and also seeing what others had to say about their winning films.

The second film festival was this year at the Zoom’11 film festival. We were nominated for Best Fiction, which we lost. I was fine with losing. We can’t win everything! And we achieved anyway as it was awesome to be nominated in the first place. I mean, some people didn’t even make it that far! A few weeks after the awards, I walked into school to have Matthew (We call him Moofie. Don’t ask why because we don’t know. But we do. So if I type Moofie in the future, you know who I’m talking about!) say “Have you seen them yet?”. I looked at him puzzled thinking he was just having a random moment. He then told me that we had won Best Comedy RCT and Best Comedy Wales. I was extremely pleased but confused since I didn’t remember being told we were nominated for anything. At Break time I went to see Hannah, our E3+ Co-Ordinator at Treorchy Comprehensive School. She told me about the awards and how nobody actually knew we had been nominated, let alone won the awards until they were delivered! I didn’t care though. I was so pleased to have won the awards! It proved to me that I guess I do have a talent for something after all! (I had a mini victory dance in my head at that point, in case you’re interested to know). At the next film making session, we had our photo taken for the Rhondda Leader (which you should be able to see the picture with this article. I’m the one holding the small award with Calum and making a silly face. We were told to shout with victory… so we did).

We are so pleased and ecstatic to have won every single one of these awards and so thankful to have the opportunity to actually make films like these together. It’s going to be hard next year as the majority of us will be in year 11 and a few won’t be coming back after GCSE’s. If I go to Sixth Form, I really hope I can continue to take part in Film Making because it is so much fun and such a fantastic opportunity! We’d like to thank Services For Young People, E3+ and Hugh & Rob, our Film Making tutors for making it all possible. We love you guys! I hope we continue to make great films and see them achieve many things!

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    Hey this is really good. Really enjoy the video 😛 ?

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Aww thank you! The film made me realise how much I dislike my voice. Especially when you mimic me -.- but thanks for the comment 🙂 x x x

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