Fighting the Factor 2011

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Ah, the Christmas Number 1. The most coveted Chart spot of the entire year which, should you succeed, will guarantee to see your name on thousands of Crimbo compilations for years to come. But, as the eighties died, so did the ability to write a ripping Christmas song, and so The Business had to come up with new ways to define our generation’s music. Unfortunately for us, this led to what we know today as the X Factor, which proceeded to fill our festive lives with shoddy covers of no seasonal orientation whatsoever.

But then, in 2009, a beacon of hope shone out through the mists of reality television. Yes, it was Rage Against The Machine, the voice of revolution. The underground resisted the X Factor, and the underground won. We cheered and we whooped as we learned of our triumphs, glad to see the end of a Cowell-based Christmas.

But alas, the dream did not last. Perhaps we pushed it too far with 4’33’’ of silence, or perhaps Matt Cardle was far too talented to evade number one. In 2010 the X Factor regained its position of power, and Cowell ruled with an iron-fist once more. It was a sad time, filled with dashed hopes and destroyed visions.

Now 2011 is upon us, and it is on our shoulders to regain our control over conformity. The top spot is dancing between X Factor winners Little Mix and the Military Wives, both groups producing highly popular covers. This year’s high-press non-conformist is none other than Nirvana, but after one day the dream of a Teen Spirit Christmas is already circling the drain. So, who can save us now? Flo Rida, Olly Murs, J-Biebs and Rihanna all want top spot this year, but will we roll aside and bow down to the pop masters?

No! No, I say! A dark horse has emerged, and the force is strong in this one. It is ever-so-slightly-unheard-of Alex Day, with his new single Forever Yours. Alex has made it to fourth spot by the end of day one, and things are looking good. But who is this ambitious youngster, and why is he so keen to reach top spot?

Alex Day is none other than Nerimon, the famous YouTuber whom I have grown to love. Being the most popular unsigned solo artist at well over 470,000 subscribers, Alex has produced a number of albums which are available at DFT.BA, and a fan base which is just as strong-willed as he is.

But this year, Alex vowed to fight the Factor. Determined to see his dream of becoming a solo artist come true, Alex is now attempting to become the first unsigned artist to have a Christmas Number 1. And what do you know? It’s actually working! Alex and his fan-base (affectionately named the Nermie Army) are spreading the word like wildfire, knocking many a chart-topper out of the running.

In addition to the single, Alex has released 11 variations which are slowly becoming available for one week only on iTunes. These remixes all contribute to his overall placement in the charts, and include friend-submitted remixes as well as piano and 8-bit versions. A personal favourite of mine is the Vocal Remix, where Alex has performed the entire song, instrumentation and all, with his voice alone. Eight versions of the song are currently available for purchase, six of which are currently in the Top 40. Not bad for an English 20-something recording tracks in his bedroom, eh?

But wait, I’ve yet to tell you the best part! All of the proceeds Alex makes during this campaign go towards Project For Awesome, a charity which Alex worked with in Zambia. Alex isn’t trying to make money, but to make his dream become a reality. In the space of 24 hours, known to the Nermie Army as Forever Day, it has begun to take hold.
I implore you, if you are going to back an artist this year, spare 79p for Alex Day and P4A. As well as being a great track, it’s a great way to both stick it to the man and to support an emerging artist. And y’know, you’ll be helping the world. So, everyone wins!


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