Film Review: The Greatest Showman

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Before I went to see this film I was expecting a masterpiece and that’s exactly what I got. Michael Gracey made his directorial debut and the leading role was played by Hugh Jackman.

It starts off following the main character, P.T Barnum, as a child and shows how it all started. Then it zooms into the future showing the characters as adults, then goes into the main plot. He then gets the idea to buy a museum of curiosities and his two children instigate the idea to start a circus. He then gets together a few acts and the main part of the film springs into action.

The script was masterfully written and the direction of the film was perfect. The editing made all the tricks and acts seem very real and made the film ten times better. The tone of the film was very upbeat, but had a good balance of serious parts and some that were quite saddening. The acting was unbelievable and astounded me. The music was very catchy and powerful, I did expect this as it was a musical. I think that all the songs are going to be hits.

The film was set at quite a brisk pace in my opinion. I think that the film’s main purpose was to help us accept differences and not have prejudices against the weird, wonderful and people who are different. It was very successful at doing this and had a great impact.

I loved the film and it was conveyed very powerful messages. It shows the human race at its finest and is very inspiring. I would recommend this film to anyone – I loved it!

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