Film Review: Saban’s Power Rangers

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I must admit before seeing this film I was expecting a really childish tone that replicated that of the tv franchise, but I was surprised when I got in as I saw it was a 12a (with good reason, too). Children from the ages of 0-7 shouldn’t go to see this film because there was a few jump scares, which scared me a lot and I’m nearly 12!

The Rangers are Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger), Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger), Kimberly Hart (Pink Ranger), Trini (Yellow Ranger) and Zack (Black Ranger). The Main antagonist of the film is Rita Replusa – she first appears as a carcus, which Jason’s dad fishes up from the bottom of the sea. A policeman has to come to investigate it when they get to shore and she wakes up and eats him. This can be very scary for younger viewers.

Further on in the film all the rangers meet up and find 5 different coloured coins in the sort of glass material that Billy finds after blowing up the side of the mountain. Shortly after this, they find an ancient spaceship with a robot in called alpha 7 he shows them how to morph and trains them along with the help of Zordon.

Rita Repulsa’s goal is to raise her evil monster Goldar to steal the life crystal out of the earth. This is the cause of the epic battle at the end where the rangers in their zords have to stop Goldar. The blue rangers zord is a triceratops, The Pink rangers zord is a pterodon/terodacytl, the red rangers zord is a T-rex, the yellow rangers zord is a sabertooth tiger and the black rangers zords is some sort of bug (i think).

Overall I really enjoyed this film and I would recommend it for children from the age of 7 up. It is a scary and thrilling film and is suitable for adults to watch too, especially the hardcore Power Ranger fans. Even my mother enjoyed it!


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